Dia das Línguas - Menções Honrosas

Hoje publicamos os trabalhos aos quais o júri atribuiu  Menção Honrosa, no âmbito do concurso "Escrita Criativa".

O mesmo trabalho com as janelinhas abertas: muito criativo
O trabalho com as janelinhas fechadas
 Rúben Lousã, 6.º A


           Human beings are mean and ungrateful towards nature.
            Mother Nature takes care of us, gives us all we need, but we are able to destroy in seconds what she has been creating.
            Different races inhabit the earth. We all have the same rights, but we all have duties and obligations towards nature. We need to fight deforestation and air, water and land pollution. We must protect endangered species.
            Mother Nature is amazing. She’s usually peaceful and happy. But sometimes she is sad and angry, she cries and drops poisoning acid rain. Tsunamis, hurricanes and intense fires cause damage everywhere.
            We must change! We must look after the world around us and make nature happy and alive, by planting trees, saving water and energy and protecting species and natural habitats.

            Remember: The planet is our home! We can save it!

Luís Dias, 7.º C, n.º 12

My Perfect Dream

It was beautiful!
The sun was vibrant and shining through the world
The trees were so green
The smell of the fresh air
The sound of the river was flowing
I loved everything happening there!
I pinched myself to see if it was real…
So, I understood I was dreaming!
It couldn’t be real!
The smell of pollution is now killing me…
The trees are so sad
I wish my perfect dream could come true!

 Cláudia Martins, 8.º A, n.º 5

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